Friday, June 24, 2011

Colors of June

Things are mostly green out here in the June Garden, but there are stirrings of other hues.
Take this Radicchio for example, its getting nice and purple in the center
And it turns out that blue potatoes make blue flowers, how lovely.

I keep catching Carson "red" handed...hey, did you just swipe my gloves?

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Winter, finally (and seriously)

I planned to start this blog last spring as my garden flew into action, but then got into the actual work of gardening and abandoned the task. However, today its winter, really winter. I'm wearing long underwear and sitting under a blanket and I'm still cold.
Today is the shortest day of the year so from here on in it gets better. I look forward to longer days, that's for sure. But I'll also tuck in and enjoy winter's freeze and snow, it does mean skiing after all. Maybe more importantly is the snow pack - without snow there isn't water for the West.
The end of the year and the solstice are a good time to think back on the last 365. I have no reason to complain and feel really lucky about the last year and really hopeful about the year to come.