Monday, November 19, 2012

November Garden Tour

Saying goodbye to the summer garden was hard to do...

Now, well into fall we have adjusted to the treats that a fall garden aka season extension brings.
Here is a big picture view
We have 3 beds protected with plastic over PVC hoops.  2 of the beds have additional row cover inside a la Eliot Coleman.  Far right is what is left of a chard bed with row cover only and the straw covers up our garlic, which will come up in the spring.

I've got carrots, parsley, some small lettuces, and Kale in the right hand corner.

Here is savoy cabbage, more parsley, and some small spinach and arugula.  Restrained clippings from these beds provides for 1-2 salads/week through the fall and early winter for our family of 3.

This is my warmest bed because of sun exposure so I'm hoping to squeak out radishes and turnips if not early winter, then spring.  We've already had a pretty stellar micro green salad with the thinnings.

I pulled 5 lbs of beets out of here yesterday and cleaned up the remnants of green beans.  We'll let this bed lie fallow until late spring.  Its in out front side yard so we try to keep it pretty.

Will out Rosemary survive another winter?  We hope so.  We'll give it a little straw mulch soon and it it gets really cold, Ill wrap it a little with an old sheet for protection.

That's it.  The November Garden.

Winter, finally (and seriously)

I planned to start this blog last spring as my garden flew into action, but then got into the actual work of gardening and abandoned the task. However, today its winter, really winter. I'm wearing long underwear and sitting under a blanket and I'm still cold.
Today is the shortest day of the year so from here on in it gets better. I look forward to longer days, that's for sure. But I'll also tuck in and enjoy winter's freeze and snow, it does mean skiing after all. Maybe more importantly is the snow pack - without snow there isn't water for the West.
The end of the year and the solstice are a good time to think back on the last 365. I have no reason to complain and feel really lucky about the last year and really hopeful about the year to come.